Jewellery Refurbishing

Accumulated dirt and everyday products like hand lotion can affect the diamond’s brilliance and lustre of your jewellery. It is also normal to get scratches through daily wear. We recommend refurbishing your jewellery every 1-2 years to keep the setting secure and maintain its beauty.

ZCOVA offers complimentary refurbishment & jewellery inspection on all jewellery once a year for 10 years.

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Type of Refurbishing ZCOVA Customer Price (MYR) Non-customer Price (MYR)
Resizing RM 90 (Second resizing onwards) RM 140
Resizing above 3 sizes RM 150 (Second resizing onwards) RM 200
Engraving RM 100 (Second engraving) RM 120
Bracelet / Necklace (increase or reduce length) RM 150 RM 200
General refurbishment (polishing, prongs tightening, and plating) Free once a year for 10 years RM 250


1st Engraving is Free of Charge for all ZCOVA customers. Subsequent engraving after resizing will be charged accordingly.

Type of Refurbishing Duration Needed
Polish 4 working days
Plating 4 working days
Refurbishing (including general cleaning and securing setting) 4-7 working days